Outdoor Still Life Photography

Something beyond humans

While filming people is loads of fun and exciting, I also like to take a few shots of Mother Nature along the way. I have prints that visitors can purchase or if you know of a location you’ve always wanted to put on film, but don’t have the resources, let me know.

If you find shots that you enjoy simply email me. We’ll discuss sizes, etc. and I’ll be happy to place an order for any of the outdoor and still life prints I offer.

Outdoor and Still Life


Some of the most beautiful shots I’ve found are those that involve flowers and vegetation.

Water Shots

Water is life but it’s also a visual wonder to behold at times, such as these locations.


Whether it’s a place that’s blistering cold or blistering hot, landscape photography is a popular favorite.

Still Life

It’s amazing but sometimes objects that can’t physically move have the power to move people emotionally.