Wedding Pictures

Monroe, MI Wedding Photographer

Have you wondered “How can I find wedding photographers near me?” You aren’t alone. Many people seek out a professional for their wedding pics. Sometimes though, they uncover that the wedding photographer cost is more than they can afford.  The great news is you don’t have to sacrifice getting professional wedding couple photos or group photos of your bridal party. You can do a bridal photoshoot that works more with your budget.

While I’m not ‘cheap’, my services are affordable to people who want professional outdoor wedding shots of their nuptials. Plus, I can stay as short or long as you like, which can save you a substantial amount of money on your photos. In addition, you can pick what packages you want to buy so you’re not roped into paying for time or photos you don’t want or need. But learn more about the wedding pictures I offer to people in the southeast Michigan / northwest Ohio area by reaching out today. 

Additional Wedding Services

While I can do wedding pictures you also might like to know other services I offer so contact me directly to learn more.