All raffle games are $1.00

T-shirts are $10.00 when you purchase a T-Shirt you get a $10.00 off a photo session.

All Small Photos to purchase are $1.00 each

You also get $10.00 off a photo session when you schedule at the art Crawl other coupons can apply. 

The raffle games are 


gift cards-

$10 Kroger, $15 movie, $15 Starbucks, $15 Panera, $5 Mccdonalds 

Photo session raffles 

Craft raffles 

coffee cup raffle

2 Tshirts will be given away as door prizes

magnet giveaway 

FREE GAMES: for all ages prizes are magnets, buttons, key chains




and more! Come look around and enjoy some Art

Sunday September 17th 1:00-4:30pm at the mall of Monroe in conference room

Hey Everyone Alisha’s Photography is hosting there first Annual Art Crawl! This is a big step and I hope everyone can come out and show support.

There will be:
Pictures for sale
Crafts for sale
Tshirts for sale 2 will be raffled away as door prizes
Raffle games
Gift card raffle/photo shoot raffle/ craft raffle ect.
Giveaways and door prizes
Free snacks and beverages!
Free snow Cones and Pop corn!
Free games and win prizes.
And more!

This is a family event so feel free to bring your kids😊

And much more hoping to see you all there. This event is open to the public and will be held in the conference room thanks everyone!

If interested or going to event I made a Facebook event please let me know! It is a open event to public but I would like to not run out of food and beverages on you awesome people feel free to share this around!

The event is called Alisha’s Photography Art Crawl!