Monday September 11th, 1-2pm behind Ellis library on M50

So what I’m thinking is a 1 hour photo session I’ll bring some props feel free to bring your own as well! all images will have my logo on the bottom but feel free to keep and share, if any men are interested they will be on a different day to keep everyone happy! I would love for everyone to have on under there clothes black sports bra/ regular bra and black underwear or black shorts, must be 18+ for the shoot, come with hair and make up done if wearing any (pictures can be purchased if wanted without logo at a different time). Photos will be taken behind Ellis library on m50 there’s woods and such so it will be comfortable and not a lot of people there. @1-2 pm may go over a little longer just depends on everything would love for everyone to come and if you have friends who are interested As well have them and you message me on Facebook I have a group chat started there As well. It’s going to be partly cloudy and 71 in Monroe but if weather changes we can always reschedule. And if you have any questions that are personal you can send me a separate message 😊 just let me know when you all know what your forsure answer is in coming! 


Everyone is different, but what’s what makes everyone beautiful